We Make Construction

More Sustainable

We design and develop intuitive web-based, data driven software solutions that empower the construction industry to build more sustainable.

Offsite construction offers a major opportunity to radically change the construction industry for the better by reducing waste and emissions, reducing construction costs and shortening build times, tackling the problem of labour shortages and enabling the reuse of materials and elements at a building’s end of life.

By designing and developing tools that ensure that offsite construction can be adopted at scale, Modulize is ensuring that these benefits can be delivered without sacrificing architectural quality or character.

We need Offsite

The construction industry is facing a perfect storm of inefficiency, labor shortages and being one of the top polluters in the world. Offsite construction is a necessity for solving these issues.

Reduced Waste

Offsite construction significantly reduces environmental impact with a 90% decrease in waste. Precision manufacturing ensures optimal resource use, leading to fewer materials ending up in landfills and less strain on our planet.

Reduced Cost

Offsite construction optimizes operations and materials, resulting in about a 20% cost reduction. By eliminating unforeseen expenses and streamlining processes, projects become more cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Faster building

Projects are completed 50% faster with offsite construction. While site preparations occur, building components are made offsite concurrently, enabling quicker project completion and faster returns for investors.

Meet our founders

Lucas Carstens
Founder & CEO
PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Imperial College, London. Before starting Modulize, he worked managing Data Analytics solutions for a variety of use cases. Motivated by using technology to solve large, real world problems.
Håkon Kalbakk
Founder & CRO
Business degree from Norwegian School of Economics. Modulize is his fourth tech startup and he has previously worked in startups within educational technology (edtech) and property technology (proptech).